Little Bear’s Little Boat Eve Bunting


In this heartwarming book about generosity and growing up Little Bear realizes he has outgrown his favorite boat. He quickly decides he will find another little bear that will love his boat as much as he did. After searching the forest all summer long Big Bear finds a little bear and gives his much loved boat away. The new owner promises to pass it along when he too outgrows it. It brings Big bear happiness to see little bear enjoying his old boat and on the last page you will see Big Bear building himself a new and much larger boat.

ATOS Book Level 2.5
Word Count 486

All for Pie Pie for All by David Martin


What a quality read to get the kids talking about community and friendship! In this lovely illustrated book Grandma Cat makes a delicious apple pie that is shared by her family as well as a mouse and ant family. The three families come together in the end to make a blueberry pie. The final scene shows all three families at the dinner table with Grandma Cat serving blueberry pie.

ATOS Book Level 1.3
Word Count 252

Albert the Fix-it Man by Janet Lord

Albert The Fix-it Man
Albert The Fix-it Man

I loved reading Albert the Fix-it Man by Janet Lord to my kids. Great book for any boy or girl who loves to fix things!

Albert’s neighbors call him the “Fix-It Man” because he can repair anything.

One morning Albert wakes up with a horrible cold, and when Sam the newspaper carrier learns that the Fix-It Man is under the weather, he calls for help. Albert enjoys receiving the care and support of the many neighbors that he has helped and is soon on the mend and looking for things to fix again.

ATOS Book Level 3.0
Word Count 564

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