About Us


Over ten years ago when my firstborn began reading it opened up a whole new world to me.
Children’s stories.
Being a new and excited reader, my son began plowing through books.
We shared so many stories together and soon to my amazement I saw first-hand the impact of a story.
From the questions asked, discussions shared, or references made at a later time, all indications of a personal connection were confirmed.
Our ultimate goal at RoleModel reader is to share purpose-giving stories which engage our children’s imaginations, inspiring them to see their part in a great story.
Finding these purpose-giving stories quickly became my favorite past-time!
Thousands of picture book stories, and four daughters later, we love to share the stories that move us in a special way.


Hi, my name is Joeli. I live in Oklahoma with my husband and 3 boys. I’m here along side my sister with our blog Role Model Reader. We have an ongoing list of children’s books that promote positivity by celebrating excellent choices and remarkable attitudes that we hope you can use.

We are blogging publicly as we want to connect with other moms, dads, teachers, grandparents or friends who would like to help us along our way by submitting book recommends that can be added to our list. We’ll be writing about all the good things that come from reading a good book. Self awareness, responsibility and ethics and social awareness to name a few. As we blog successfully we hope to grow our book lists with your help and over time have a large library of books to choose from.

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